Film Media Services

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  • Story
  • Script
  • Lyrics
  • Voice Over
  • Production Facilities
  • Coordination

Media 21 is a complete Media Production House, capable of facilitating the basic to most intricate needs of multi-faceted production activities ranging from Showreel to Software, Audio to Animation & Printing to Portal. In the studios of Media 21, Information and Entertainment are clubbed together to give you worthy info-tainment. Here technology is used as a medium to impart voice to the feelings of the masses. Media 21 harbours a classic union of innovative ideas, creative whims and technical wizards equipped with a treasure of State-of-the-art equipments to give spectacular solutions for all type of Media needs. Media 21 whole-heartedly promises you to provide facilities scaling from NOTHING To ANYTHING under one roof. We want to be a forerunner in enriching all our fields of operation with our valuable contribution.