India: A land for all seasons

A multimedia journey to know about tourist places, art, culture, foods, people etc. of India.

India: At a Glance

A collection of datas of India's Population, Climate, Literacy, Education, Language, States, Area, Per Capita income etc.

India: Ancient, Medieval and Modern History

A brief information of Ancient, Medieval and Modern India.

India's Freedom Struggle

A brief story of India's Freedom struggle with timeline and freedom fighters.

Our Symbols Our Identity

Description about Our National Symbols in an interactive manner.

Famous Fifty: Indian Personalities

Biography of 50 Famous personalities ranging from Freedom fighters to Film Stars.

Famous Fifty: Writers

Biography of 50 Famous Noble Laureates in the field of Literature.

Famous Fifty: Scientists

Biography of 50 Famous Scientists of the world with their work.

Famous Fifty: Cricketers

Biography of 50 Famous Cricketers from all over the world.

Famous Fifty: Indian Film Personalities

Biography of 50 Famous Indian Film Personalities.

Test Your General Knowledge

More than 500 Questions in quiz format with performance viewer.

Test Your General Science

More than 500 Questions in quiz format with performance viewer.

Quiz Karishma

An interesting and interactive game programme.

The world of Sports

Brief history and rules of some of the popular sports.

Bihar: A tourist's paradise

A multimedia tourism guide exploring Art, Culture, Tourism of Bihar.

Yogasanas for a healthy life

A basic Yoga Practice Programme with tips to lead a healthy life.

Spoken English

Learning Spoken English in the multimedia way.

Plan your career

A career guidance programme for students to prepare themselves for the competitive world.

Make Yourself Future Perfect

A personality development programme specially designed for the younger generation.

Did you know?

More than 500 Amazing Facts.